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Doyle is a naturally gifted psychic medium, certified life coach, hypnotist, and workshop leader. He is known for his amazing ability to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over. Doyle has extensive knowledge and training involving communicating with those on the other side. He brings through evidential messages from those in the spirit world. […]

Melissa G Virtue, an expert dream interpreter, has been teaching dream work for over fifteen years. Melissa teaches courses on Angels; Dream Interpretation; Intuition; and Manifesting with Movement. She keeps a private practice while working towards her masters in psychology. A retired professional dancer who created the spiritual dance movement, SpiralDance: Manifestation with Movement, Melissa […]

Lorraine has built her career on the practice of coaching others to succeed. Her career began in the health and weight loss industry, coaching hundreds of clients to reach their weight loss goals. As a Director and Regional Trainer for Jenny Craig Inc., she has hired, trained and mentored dozens of employees in the areas […]

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#51: Creating a Sacred Space...In Two Very Important Places!


Shannon Summers