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Career UpRising


Lorraine Rise

Career UpRising

Lorraine Rise

Discover what it would be like to actually enjoy going to work every day. Imagine if you felt completely fulfilled with your job. If you are looking to up-level in your career, Lorraine Rise has can help you get there.

As a Professional Career Coach, former recruiter and 2X career changer, she knows how to help clients re-invent themselves professionally and find jobs that align with their values and priorities. Whether you are a looking for a new career or stuck in a toxic job, Career UpRising is about not settling for less and harnessing your personal power to achieve more.

The show will cover topics such as overcoming fear and self-doubt, interviewing confidently and authentically, negotiating a higher salary, and much more. Lorraine shares insights about the hiring process, case studies from successful coaching clients and stories from her own career journey to help you find the career of your dreams. She takes live calls and interview other coaches and career experts.

And finally, you'll learn how to harness the power of manifestation to bring better results in your job search and career development.

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About Lorraine Rise

Lorraine Rise


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Lorraine has built her career on the practice of coaching others to succeed. Her career began in the health and weight loss industry, coaching hundreds of clients to reach their weight loss goals. As a Director and Regional Trainer for Jenny Craig Inc., she has hired, trained and mentored dozens of employees in the areas of sales, customer service and management. After a layoff in 2013, Lorraine took the opportunity to make a career change into human resources. She has since supported the human resources and recruiting efforts at numerous firms in the Information Technology sector including Lockheed Martin. Despite experiencing four layoffs in less than six years, her longest stretch of unemployment was just five weeks. Now through Career UpRising, her personal experience as a job seeker and professional experience can be put to work for you! Lorraine holds a M.S. in Human Resources Management and is certified as a Professional Résumé Writer by the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches (PARW-CC). She also serves as a regular contributor to their monthly publication, The Spotlight. Lorraine has worked with clients in over 20 industries, and many of her clients come from some of the most recognizable firms in the country including Microsoft, Fannie Mae, PNC Bank and more.

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