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About Us

InFlowRadio.com provides live streaming talk-radio and on-demand programming that uplifts, challenges, opens, and deepens you and your connection to life.

We seek to give you a highly curated experience. You’ll only hear podcasts that represent the best of:

  • awakened spirituality and intuition
  • conscious business and entrepreneurship
  • coaching and personal growth
  • alternative health and healing

We recognize the emerging crossover between spirituality, business, relationships, and technology that’s creating a huge audience of us whose values include sustainability, vision, and heart-centered practices in everything we do. We created Inflowradio.com for you.

Our studio is headquartered in beautiful Encinitas, California—a hotbed of spiritual thinking and enlightened entrepreneurs. But, our talent comes from far beyond Encinitas. We utilize cutting edge Internet streaming technology that allows us to receive crystal-clear audio from hosts located anywhere in the world. And at our central switchboard, we moderate hosts, guests, and callers to create an amazing listener experience for you.

If you become a fan, consider supporting us with a monthly subscription that allows unlimited access to thousands of hours of past episodes of all your favorite shows.

Summer McStravick, Owner/Network Producer

InFlowRadio.com was created by Summer McStravick, who also who designed and created HayHouseRadio.com under the direction of Louise Hay.

Summer’s other baby is Flowdreaming.com, where you can find hundreds of audio meditations and Flowdreams to help you co-create or heal.

Summer is delighted to form partnerships and affiliate relationships with other conscious companies. For media inquiries or to reach out to Summer for interviews or partnerships, please use the contact form.

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#278: The Little Green Men


Venus Andrecht