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For Your Chi


Sondra Lockhart

For Your Chi

Sondra Lockhart

This is an edgy, out of this world, not for the faint-hearted show where Sondra discusses topics most psychic show hosts don't explore. She brings unique life experiences, along with expertise in zeroing in to the heart of the matter, in a "cut to the chase," type fashion coupled with her grounded problem-solving techniques utilizing her vast knowledge of metaphysical problem-solving skills. You'll hear wild yet true life stories of outrageous adventures of both she and her clients as well as exploring the adventurous side of this world and beyond. You're sure to be entertained as you dive deep into the Universal rabbit hole. Hot topics will be explored during the first part of the show, while the latter half will be reading and answering your emailed questions!
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Among Sondra's notable achievements are: • Student of metaphysical modalities and problem solving using same for 20 years • Professional Tarot Card Reader/Numerologist for 10 years (read for family and friends 10 years prior to starting a professional career in fortune telling) • Professionally trained by Venus Andrecht in 2016/2017 • Previous work experience for America’s number one rated long-standing psychic hotline, almost 2 years • Received a Top-Pro (Tarot Card Reader) rating/award by in 2017 Sondra is known for her ability to use the myriad of learned metaphysical modalities as a way of not only real-life problem solving, which is her passion, but also as a means of prevention. That prevention assists her clients in living their best possible drama-free lives. She says if you can prevent the problem in the first place, there is no need to solve it. She also takes pride in using the information acquired in her readings as a means to predict potential future problems (for the client), assisting her clients in making the best possible decision for them (and their loved ones) at the proper time. She also teaches clients in readings how to manifest that which they desire, which also allows them to independently live their best life. Although Sondra believes a “good reader” is an extremely helpful tool, she has a strong belief that no client should be “addicted” to their reader. That forms an unhealthy attachment and a belief that the client “needs,” him or her to function and survive. This is simply not true. She teaches her clients how to utilize their own power(s) and oftentimes leaves them in a much more powerful place than when they were before meeting her. She also brings a new, fresh perspective to the World around her. She's had great teachers who are, “not from around here.” These teachings, combined with her life experience and her lifelong research and experience reading for people for 20 years, have caused her to take a different point of view about life on our planet than most. Clients tell her all the time, “something you’ve said to me has changed my entire life, and way of thinking.” Sondra believes that most ways of thinking should be challenged, especially if those ways are old and out-dated. We live in a New World today and we must rise to meet the challenge of the changes that occur to us and around us every day.

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