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Origins of Kundalini & the Yogi Bhajan Scandal – Part 1

Sivana Podcast/Sivana East / Brett Larkin

May 28, 2024

Sivana Podcast

Sivana East / Brett Larkin

May 28, 2024

Origins of Kundalini & the Yogi Bhajan Scandal – Part 1

Even though it’s been years since news broke of the Yogi Bhajan scandal a lot of practitioners still question the integrity of the profound practice that is kundalini yoga. Today’s episode is a conversation between my Kundalini University partner Guru Singh and myself in which we answer all of the community’s questions on this topic. This is a full lecture from within the program so I had to split it into two parts to share with you. In Part One we discuss:

🔹The true origins of kundalini yoga and it’s lineage

🔹The fact that nobody “owns” yoga because it is a science

🔹How to separate the teachings from the teacher

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Part Two where we’ll start with the question, “Is 3HO a cult?” I’ll see you there!


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