#76: Your House Has Emotional Problems? – InFlowRadio

#76: Your House Has Emotional Problems?

Dear Venus/Venus Andrecht

October 30, 2019

Dear Venus

Venus Andrecht

October 30, 2019

#76: Your House Has Emotional Problems?

• A Reading With Venus Has A Different Ending Than Expected

• Rats Driving Cars

• Metabolic Approach To Cancer

• Winds & Fire Report

• Hamster Acting Like A Zombie

• Callers: Olu Shakes Up The Stuffy Office! While Mary Works With A Young Man Who Doesn’t Like Her

Listeners please call the live show for on air readings. Venus reads for free on air on the Dear Venus Show Wednesdays at 2 pm PAC/5 pm EST. Call the show at (760) 456-7277.

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