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#76: Your Dogs Are Waiting…

Social Dog/Cindie Carter

March 19, 2020

Social Dog

Cindie Carter

March 19, 2020

#76: Your Dogs Are Waiting…

We are all so used to filling every moment of time accomplishing something, right? Most of us are home doing some work but also home for way more than we are accustomed to. I have a big message for you… Ready? Your Dog has been waiting for this moment. Thats right the moment you can let go of all your work and just go on a walk with your Dog. Let your Dog show you around, stop and play a game with your dog, teach them a new trick. Practice breathing and meditating. Go on line take a Reiki lesson, learn animal communication on line, learn some energy work with your dog. Enjoy this slower paced time in your life. Your Dog has so much to teach and show you if you just stop and listen. Listen to this episode for more tips to spending quality time with your Dog!

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