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#72: What’s in Your Heart?

Love Your Life/Genie Lee Perron and Debi Filippi

February 12, 2020

Love Your Life

Genie Lee Perron and Debi Filippi

February 12, 2020

#72: What’s in Your Heart?

What is in your heart? We all want to live a life filled with kindness and compassion. You’ve heard the Ghandi quote, Be the change you want to see in the world.” This is such a universal truth. In order to see more kindness in the world, your own energy must be a match to kindness. Remember, kindness is a give and take…. we must give kindness to ourselves and also be open to receiving kindness from others. Join Debi and Genie today as we talk about ways to foster the energy of kindness within and how to let it radiate out into the world.

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