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#62: Here’s Tesla, Again! (rebroadcast)

Dear Venus/Venus Andrecht

August 24, 2023

Dear Venus

Venus Andrecht

August 24, 2023

#62: Here’s Tesla, Again! (rebroadcast)

  • What It’s Like For Venus To Hear The Dead
  • Dead Person Almost Driving
  • The Girl from Ipanema Dream
  • New Cure For A Broken Heart
  • Callers: Bernadette’s Body Wants To Meet Craig’s Body & Hurry It Up!
  • And Watch Out! Here’s Diane’s Real Opinion Of The Bodies She Massages.

Listeners please call the live show for on air readings. Venus reads for free on air on the Dear Venus Show Wednesdays at 2 pm PAC/5 pm EST. Call the show at (760) 456-7277.

Visit godisalwayshappy.com for Radio & Private Reading information.

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