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#566: A Super Dose of Good Energy NOW! (Rebroadcast)

Flowdreaming/Summer McStravick

July 2, 2019


Summer McStravick

July 2, 2019

#566: A Super Dose of Good Energy NOW! (Rebroadcast)

The best thing you can do when facing lack, change, uncertainty or disappointment is to counterbalance it with good feelings. And sometimes, getting those good feelings on your own is darn near impossible. So today, tune in and let Summer guide you into them. Summer’s remarkable talent for bringing people into the higher state of Flow is well-documented in her 17 years of practice. So come aboard the Flow train. All we’re doing today is FEELING GREAT! Get this feeling anytime with the Super Inner Yumminess Flowdream at Flowdreaming.com.

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