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#53: The Lightfoot Way Holistic Animal Gurus

Social Dog/Cindie Carter

July 10, 2019

Social Dog

Cindie Carter

July 10, 2019

#53: The Lightfoot Way Holistic Animal Gurus

Today Cindie is joined by Kim Shotola and Allison Culver of The Lightfoot Way. Since 2006, Kim and Allison have been empowering pet parents and animal professionals to help animals live happier, healthier and longer lives.

Through their holistic animal care articles, in person and distance educational opportunities, professional certification programs, consultations and products, they can help you strengthen your connection, prevent illness and disease and heal the animals in your care. With more pet parents seeking a natural approach, The Lightfoot Way provides the education and tools needed for businesses to expand their services with cutting edge holistic animal care.

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