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#51: Special Guest, Cindie Carter

Love Your Life/Genie Lee Perron and Debi Filippi

July 24, 2019

Love Your Life

Genie Lee Perron and Debi Filippi

July 24, 2019

#51: Special Guest, Cindie Carter

Host of popular podcast, Social Dog, Cindie Carter joins Genie and Debi for today’s show. Cindie hails from Louisiana, where she maintains a highly successful pet sitting and training center for dog called “Walks and Wags.” Her 27 years experience with Walks and Wags translates into thousands of hours of observation of both dogs and owners, giving Cindie her laser-sharp insight into the dynamics of our relationships with our fuzzy friends, which she demonstrates each week with live callers and guests on her radio show, Social Dog.

Prior to working with dogs, Cindy worked in the auto business and raced cars. She’s successfully made it through a number of harrowing experiences in life, including losing her land to Hurricane Katrina and battling lung cancer. Her experiences have only given her a keener appreciation for our animal friends who fill our lives with love and meaning. Cindie is always giving back, including founding Mobile County P.A.L.S. , a nonprofit for a local animal shelter. She’s also a member of the Advisory Board for MCAS.

Finally, Cindie started a first-of-its-kind dog therapy program for underprivileged children ranging from 8-18 years old, teaching them Dog Language and how to feel empowered with their animal friends so they can transition more successfully into their adult lives.

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