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#47: Top 10 Tips to Socialize a Puppy

Social Dog/Cindie Carter

April 24, 2019

Social Dog

Cindie Carter

April 24, 2019

#47: Top 10 Tips to Socialize a Puppy

Together vets, trainers, facility owners, groomers and companions can get the help needed to help raise the best possible puppies! Building all of these relationships is a win/win for everyone involved!

Today Cindie is joined by Debbie Oliver, CPDT-KSA. Debbie opened one of the first dog daycares in the Houston area in 1995, Miss Daisy’s Dog Camp. Debbie added training in 2005 and in 2015 changed to an enrichment-based facility with smaller play groups. Debbie was the Director of the Houston chapter for Therapy Pet Pals of Texas for over 10 years and participated in competition agility and flyball. She believes dogs and owners lead better lives together when they build trusting relationships through healthy games, training, and education.

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