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#45: Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs

Social Dog/Cindie Carter

April 10, 2019

Social Dog

Cindie Carter

April 10, 2019

#45: Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs

In this episode Cindie talks about Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs with the amazing Dr. Lisa Mason, a cutting edge DVM offering the best of Eastern and Western medicine for your dog. If your pet is unable to move properly, has pain, is recovering from surgery, or is suffering from an injury, you don’t want to miss this podcast
Dr. Lisa Mason is a rehabilitation-certified veterinarian, she will be discussing a complete a thorough evaluation and an individualized treatment plan, aimed at reducing pain and enhancing healing to return to full function. She will also discuss who is a great candidate for this type of procedure and how long the rehab will take along with how much it cost.

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