#43: Special Guest Summer McStravick (Rebroadcast) — InFlowRadio

#43: Special Guest Summer McStravick (Rebroadcast)

Love Your Life/Genie Lee Perron and Debi Filippi

October 2, 2019

Love Your Life

Genie Lee Perron and Debi Filippi

October 2, 2019

#43: Special Guest Summer McStravick (Rebroadcast)

Today, join Debi and Genie as we talk with our special guest Summer McStravick. Summer is the founder and CEO of Flowdreaming and one of the most inspiring spiritual teachers and coaches around. Not only has she been helping people to thrive, but she’s also practiced what she preaches as a cancer survivor! No, she’s a cancer thriver! So tune in as we talk about the power of Flow in your life and how to live and thrive after a scary diagnosis. Living powerful, well and happy with cancer!

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