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#41: Jesse and His Extreme Dieting

Dear Venus/Venus Andrecht

February 13, 2019

Dear Venus

Venus Andrecht

February 13, 2019

#41: Jesse and His Extreme Dieting

  • Some Really Funny Grandma Stories
  • My Visions Report
  • Your Emails
  • Our Secrets-Summer’s & My Classes
  • Callers: ‘Donna’s ‘Booty Call’ Got Married! And Tamara Is Stuck In A Head Space. Maybe You Are Too? Let’s Get You Out Of It!

Callers always get free On Air readings every live Dear Venus show Wednesdays at 2 pm PAC/5 pm EST. Call the show at (760) 456-7277.

Visit godisalwayshappy.com for Radio & Private Reading information.

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