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#13: Grieving the Heartbreak

Divorce with Heart and Conscious Co-Parenting/Gina Marie DePrima, Esq.

July 9, 2018

Divorce with Heart and Conscious Co-Parenting

Gina Marie DePrima, Esq.

July 9, 2018

#13: Grieving the Heartbreak

Have you been told that “time heals all wounds”? Or how about, “be strong,” “don’t feel bad” or “just get over it.” These are common myths we tell ourselves when faced with a broken relationship. When our heart breaks, we are grieving. In fact, grieving the loss of someone who is still here, is oftentimes the hardest to overcome. In this episode, we will explore the Grief Recovery Method (TM) with master coach Martina Meyer. Discover new tools to help you heal.

GUEST NAME: Martina Meyer
GUEST BIO: Martina H. Meyer is a masterful coach who guides her client’s through the Grief Recovery Method (TM) so they can liberate themselves from unresolved grief, and old painful relationship patterns.
GUEST WEBSITE: http://martinahmeyer.com/


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